Thursday, November 20, 2008

ode to Fall

I am bidding a fond farewell to Autumn and I'm putting it all away in the tubs and boxes in my closet.

As I was doing this, it was so appropriate that the power (electricity) went off for a couple hours. So I got out my candles and stoked up the fire and proceeded to take a nap. I was just drifting off when I heard everything kick on again. Dang - it was kinda fun while it lasted. Oh yeah, it was while the snow squalls were coming down.

Here are a few shots of the guests that I hosted this past weekend. We had some 'first timers' and they were young 'scrappers'. It was great having their enthusiasm in the room. You think quilters come with alot of "stuff". You should have seen scrapbookers "stuff"!!

They each got points for putting up with us old folks. And for providing us each with daily goody bags - thanks much!

This is an old quilt that Amy brought.

I was a guest myself so guess what I worked on ? Here is the start of it all.......
I began fusing the 2"squares to the grid. It went along very well, once I layed them onto the correct side :) Thanks Karen

I am still working on this project but I'm sure to have at least one top together this next week. I recommend this fusable grid to anyone working with small squares. Sure beats sewing each tiny square together! I am thinking of using it for scrappy borders on another quilt too. You see, I have a FEW squares left over!!!

More projects from last weekend.....
Thanks everyone! Patsy

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those 2 inch squares are just like a bowl of candies yummy
Good luck and thanks for sharing that others share in bringing everything but the kitchen sink with them on their travels
Have a great weekend and Turkey celebrations