Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deer Camp show n tell

Many of you retreat goers know that I am off my usual schedule due to "Deer Camp" when my husband takes over the retreat with his brothers, friends, and ours sons.

In all fairness to cover what happens here, this is their Show n Tell so bear with me if you aren't into this sort of thing. This is our son, Brady proud of his 9 point buck. He said he hadn't bagged a buck since 13 years ago so he was due. We do not shoot for the thrill only. We eat the meat as well, sometimes making jerky, canning some, and freezing some. We also do what's called "Herd Management" on the 700+ organic acres, where you let the young bucks go and let them grow up into very large bucks (takes 4 years). They figure this one was 3 3/4 years old. Close enough.

**I am still working on that 2" square postage stamp quilt off and on. I am affraid that I will probably have to wait till next weekend to finish it, however.
I have been busy decorating for Christmas - our guild Xmas Party is monday night already so I have been working on ladders like crazy. I will give you a photo tour very soon! - patsy

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