Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bonnie Hunter visit to our little Corner of the World

Thanks to everyone who attended the Bonnie Hunter Lecture/Trunk Show on monday, November 10th.
It was "Spectacular! Best money I ever spent! Wonderful show! Thank you!" were just some of the comments as folks were going back home to look at their 'stash' in a new light.
One after another quilt was just as jaw dropping as the last one she showed. I have seen some of these quilts on her website but to see them in person is a real eye opener.
Thanks Jim and Marty for letting us use your upper arm strength!

and Thank you Bonnie for the wonderful giving person you are for sharing your passion with us!
I enjoyed hosting you for your short visit here at the Homestead Cabin Retreat
I will show you some close up shots of some of these gems.
A whole new light bulb went "on" after seeing her backs of the quilts.
So the next time the 'Quilt Police' come knocking on the door, ask yourself "Why NOT?" instead of "I can't do that." Patsy


Chris' Shady Grove said...

This was a wonderful event! Thanks for all your hard work Patsy.

karenfae said...

What wonderful quilts and I love Bonnie's site. I wish I lived near by and could have attended.

Proud Side Kick said...

I am still in awe with Bonnie's trunk show, her uplifting quilting gift and the sisterhood other quilters share with her. Patsy-thanks for all you've done to make this a very successful event. -Nanc