Monday, November 24, 2008

Jump into Winter for a bit

I just got Fall put away for crying out loud! Look what we woke up to today? **It is suppose to be 40 degrees later this week so short lived I'm sure. Sure was a Wonderland while it lasted!

There was a little activity in the 'Hunter Haven' yesterday. Take a look. This one was bagged by Red - M's brother.
Guess this means they'll be the shuffling of heads on the cabin wall once again.

I took a mental break yesterday and worked on a puzzle.
Me thinks me needs more than one day! Patsy

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karenfae said...

Look's beautiful!! the snow that is - I'm not a hunter and neither is my hubby, but I'm sure your brother was proud of his deer, I know my brothers are always of their trophies! Happy Thanksgiving.
Karen in Arkansas