Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I think it was 2003 the last time I saw Shirley (in pink) We met on the internet. I think I tried to answer her question on a "longarm forum" as we both had the same A-1 brand Longarm. We kept communicating and helping each other, eventually meeting down in Springfield IL at one of the longarm conventions. We kept in touch and when a friend and I went "Retreat Researching" on down to Leavenworth Kansas, Shirley opened up her home as a pit stop half way. She lives in Iowa. Anyway, finally her and her friends made the long journey. It was great seeing her and her friends again. And meeting some new friends too. Thanks for coming girls and see you next year!!
It was great hosting everyone this weekend with such diverse projects.

The cream quilt was Zona's quilt as a baby. Very nice!

Pin cushion of the week. Shirley did applique the whole weekend with this little pincushion helping her.

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Anne said...

Hi Patsy! It is such a small world!!! I read your blog this morning and was astonished to see Shirley. My husband's father and Shirley's husband were best of friends. The families attended the same church. And just to add another twist to this story. Last year in Oct when I traveled up to retreat with you, I stopped Rockford at a quilt shop. A woman working there looked somehow familiar to me... it was Shirley's daughter-in-law. We hadn't seen each other in 20 years.