Friday, August 14, 2009

200th Blog

Thank you Marty for everything! Without you, who knows which direction I'd have gone.
I would not have gotten to meet all these quilters.
I contemplated on what to post about for the monumental 200th blog posting. Something special, I wanted it to be.

Well, always realizing that without YOU the readers, the retreaters, friends, and family. Well, none of this is worth anything. So I just want to take the time to THANK you all. No give away contests, no be the 5th blog responder. I want to thank you all.
And to the most special people in my heart. My kids. No matter how old they get, my love just gets stronger. I love watching them turn into the great adults, I'd hoped they one day would be.
THANKS - and keep watching. Patsy


Anonymous said...

Happy 200th post and glad to hear family comes first and we are the rest of the threads that keep you going and doing such a great job
thanks for all you do

Debbie said...

Here's to 200 times more. Thanks Patsy for blogging and sharing stories and pictures.

Chris said...

Congratulations Patsy. Thanks to you for your amazing and creative mind and your wonderful heart! Chris

Anne said...

Congrats on your 200th post! What an accomplishment!

Sheila said...

I enjoy your blog very much and only wish I lived closer. Happy 200th, and here's to many more.

Julie Karlak said...

Happy 200th Patsy! I always read your blog for inspiration. Your photos are great. I still can't believe you do all that you do. It seems like you have more hours than the rest of us. You somehow manage to get it all done. You are the "time managment" queen! Keep blogging!

darlynn said...


You know that I love you, your place and your husband! (sounds like you still love him too....drats!) Congratulations on your 200th blog.