Monday, August 17, 2009

Cash for Klunkers

Marty pouring in a gallon of oil before it's last journey to the dealership. There is a steady leak so he jumped in and was on his way quickly after. I followed him. He was barely stopping at Stop signs. Couldn't pause too long. Hansel and Grettle could have followed his oil trail all the way from our house to Jones Chevrolet in Richland Center.

In the past 31 years of marriage, we have owned a handful of vehicles. 1 was new. All the rest were used. So since this white truck was on it's last mile, and since the Klunker offer was presented, it was time to put the ole girl out of her misery. It had logged 271,072 miles but was no longer reliable enough to take any distance.

So this is the new shiny that replaces her. We haven't learned what all the buttons do yet, but we sure are enjoying driving it. Shiny Bubbles will have this new 'team of horses' to pull her about.

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Chris said...

Congratulations your two. We visited Marty's old truck yesterday and will be bring home our new truck today. Mark had to clean out our old Silverado which included removing the back up bottles of radiator fluid, brake fluid and oil. My first new vehicle ever. VBS