Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baskets, Mittens, Paintings, Quilts, Rugs

Variety makes for an interesting retreat! A group of friends from a Milwaukee school district - some retired, some not.....enjoyed another fun weekend along with some friends from Whitewater and Kenosha. Come to think of it - it was a very RARE weekend because everyone was from Wisconsin!

A look at quilting through the bottom of a wine glass. (with some scrumptious berries)

Another fine use for strips of fabric!

I am thrilled that more folks are spending time around the fireplace this year. Some bring hand projects, some just enjoy the moment! It is soooooo relaxing!!

This basket was made by a guest - last year. This year she was making new things!

Mittens and quilty things.

This is art influenced by quilters...........a painting !

and an artist taking a break.

First time quilter - I think she's got 'it'!

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