Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm In Print!!! again!!! a national magazine.........

On page 87 is the article.

Easier to read:

The magazine will be in stores in a few days.

Book stores carry it. A few grocery chains have it too.

Those who subscribe are getting them now. It is the February/March issue.

**It is a well written article stating how we came to be, and how retreats are the new "Quilting Bees". It even includes my website!! The way they wrote it, heck, I even want to go here! So if you're thinking of booking some of the few remaining weekends that are open - might be best to get your name signed up asap. Who knows where this might go?

It is so exciting!!!!

Next I will try to get in a quilt magazine!

Thanks to my friend Susan - this happened.


Andrea said...

Congratulations!! But, we already knew your place was such a wonderful place to the whole world will know.


Donna said...

You taught me the importance of following your dream. Thank you!!

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