Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day outing - shopping

Check out these scissors. The handle looks like it originally had wicker wrapped around it, then a braid. Very neat for a few bucks.

Velveteen ribbon, velvet fabric, eye mask for retreat, the plates are metal and never seen enamel plates with flowers on them before. The mesh hanger thing is for my shower.

As I was mentioning before, the weekend I had 'off' so I waxed three coats to the Retreat floor and then went to tour around. I headed towards Sauk City's St. Vincents (nice) and since I was there, I crossed the bridge and went to Lodi to check out the quilt shop "The Village Creek quilt shop"(never been there either) It was very nice! And so were a couple of stores next door and across the street. One in particular "Cottage House Primitives". It was just that. You could get hand dyed wool there, among other things. I helped her economy too. One photo is layed on top of a woven rug I got for the retreat's kitchen counter. Then I went on to the town of Columbus. It has the biggest antique store in Wisconsin - but of course I wasted so much time at a few other antique stores that I had only a half hour so I went to the top floor (there is three) first since I usually am burnt out before I reach that furniture area. It was probably best that I had just 30 minutes. They started turning the lights out...... and I couldn't find my way out. Each floor has sections like E2 and E3 and so on. It is an old warehouse added on to many times. Anyway, I followed the sound of the check outs radio and after 4 minutes of circling around, I did check out with just a tin cup.
She said when Johnny Depp and others were in town, they bought all the tin cups and plates up. It will be seen in the jail seen. Along with an old settee for Johnny's mistress's hotel room. So the workers at the antique store all sat on the couch and took their picture so they can watch for the couch in the Dillenger movie. I found the wooden Playskool garage at a 'garage sale' hehe he. That lady had alot of brochade trim. But she wouldn't sell it by the spool full. She had to measure each stinkin yard out for that 30 cents a yard! So I only got 5 yards of a green.
I like oval embroidery hoops. The metal ones my Mother was passing along to St Vincents and the crocheted heart too - so I rescued them.
Here are two photos of the texture that the tissue paper on the wall turned out like. I hope you can see it - though it ain't lookin so good now.

The lamp photo shows it best but the paint color left for a spell. It is the smokey blue but I covered up the flash for this one.

This is Rug Hookers weekend and I can't wait to get started ! Stay tuned for photos. The fuzz should be flying this weekend. Lookout dust bunnies! ***Patsy

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