Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lunch with Somebody's Grandkids

I had a wonderful time catching up with two gals that were student teachers/subs in the Four Year Old Kindergarten that I use to be an aide in.

One was visiting back in Wisconsin from Nashville and the other I hadn't seen since her wedding (4 years ago!!) Wow, was it that long Jacqui? Anyway, I really got to enjoy their wonderful kids for a bit. Two Moms who love their jobs of raising their kids! Happy Mother's Day you guys!

Many of you know that I am not a Grandma yet, but I was getting a little practice in --- just in case it could happen someday.
So thanks Nicki and Jacqui for sharing your kids and I promise it won't be another 4 years till we get together again. How does that happen? You lose track of folks so quickly and emails are just not the same!
So I did get a day or two off this week since there is no group this weekend (Mom's Day)
Take care, Patsy

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