Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finishing my bedroom FINALLY

Some birds in our area..........

Saw this blue heron in my travels near Bear Valley. The 'hummers' were fighting. They finished this full feeder of juice in two hours. I counted I think 9 at one time. That is alot for us.

I remember sitting out on the deck of the retreat with my feet up on the rail, having a great and wonderful time finishing a bottle of wine between the two of us. And me with no supper ..... well, after we parted our 'girl talk' conversation, I went in and decided it would be a great time to tear the wallpaper off my bedroom wall. After all, it had been on there for 25 years. Well, that was over 3 years ago. I did such a poor job of ripping off the paper that some of the drywall paper tore off too. Well, I have been wanting to apply tissue paper with wallpaper paste and knew it would be a big job - so me being the great procrastinator that I am - let it go for this long. With Marty up north visiting/working at the kids' houses, I thought it would be as good a time as any. It only took about 4 packages of tissue paper and a partial box of paste.

You have to tear all the straight edges off of the tissue paper. Juice helped me. Not really. He just liked laying in the pile of scraps. Next you wadd up the sheet of tissue like you were throwing it away. Then straighten it back out. Now roll on the wallpaper paste onto the wall, apply the sheet of tissue paper and patt it down, roll over the sheet to press down the wrinkles (you want to have wrinkles - great texture). I will get some shots of the finished wall in a couple days. I am real happy with how it turned out. HEY - it's done! What's not to like about being finished?

The hardest part was seeing where you left off. I finally used a pencil and put marks on the wall. You prime the wall after it all drys anyway. Then you paint a color on.

This is the one accent wall that is a brown. It is our walkin closet. The rest is a smokey gray/blue. NOt the blue that the camera shows. More the color of the picture frame.
I will try to get shots of the rest of the room later. I am getting a few more bird prints framed and they'll be done next week.

Here is a few Thrifty Finds on one of my outings. I liked the rustic frame on the stichery. I'm a sucker for the wood hanger and the 40's flower pots, well, they were the right green. I am going to smaller vases of flowers in the retreat bedrooms now. The sink area is so tiny anyway, the flowers were taking up too much space. So I am hunting for more miny vases. Since I had no retreaters for Memorial Day weekend, I went on a little 'tour' to the Lodi, Columbus, Wisconsin area. More on those 'finds' later.
later, Patsy

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