Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peter, Herman, Up North, Kids

My trip "Up North" a couple weeks ago.
My sister beach glass and rock hunting.

Just beautiful beaches near Washburn, Wisconsin.

Rock hunting for the elusive Lake Superior agates.
What ever you pick up on the beach below, we had to carry it up the 'cliff' about 20 feet high.
I collected about 30 lbs of beautiful rocks. No agates though. They will go in my water fountain.

Ok, So I never married him, but 40 years later, I did get to see him. Peter Noone and Davy Jones' posters were on my teenage walls. How about you?
Yes, I was in the second row, front and center ! My sister, and son Brady attended the Big Top Chautauqua near Bayfield Wisconsin with me. Big circus tent with church pews for seats. Love it! Small venue at the bottom of a ski hill. Nice cabin for the band to stay in. Bet they love it. Peter Noone was very funny chatting about getting old and the fun things that happened to them trying to find the place. They came from twin cities in Minn. This show is truly in the Middle of No Where. The next night (different show) was to be the closing show. Guy at the gate tent said it took 4 days to take down the stage and tent.

Had a great time visiting my daughter and son. And showing my sister why Ashland is such a great place to live. Love it up there.

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Debbie said...

He is still cute as I remember him on the poster on my wall.