Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Labor Day wknd Family

My Sister Betty and George drove out from Washington state.
Mud for the weekend. Everywhere !
Mosaic project.
The Schuette Shoot out. Son Cody nearest.
Cowboy Breakfast warming on the grid.
My Mom came out to join us.
Beautiful walking paths where a crazy deer came down to see us.

Boondocking next to a cornfield. Lesson learned this time? Empty the black tank BEFORE you take it on your next trip. (septic was full) Another lesson: If it is thundering and lightening, maybe the 25 foot metal flag pole attached to the metal camper is a bad idea. Every time I learn something. :D
The new space now has a name - Schuette Grove. I am sure this place will hold great memories for lots of our family. It was the third year we gathered but the space was expanded upon greatly. Thanks to Ken, Donna + Jerry and many others that helped clear brush, mow, haul brush, cut wood. It will only get better. Good times family.

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Debbie said...

Patsy, I love your blog. It brings lots of memories to mind. Been to the Big Top, and it is fabulous! So is that area of Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing.