Thursday, May 19, 2011

Up to Lately

OK, so I place a harmless little ad that I'd like a small vintage camper. Yes, I already have one and I still have plans for the Shiny Bubble. . . but after towing home my sister's little camper , well, I just fell in love with the lighter weight campers. And what's not to love about a Shasta with wings? It is a 1958 Shasta AirFlyte. She needs some work, but I like that.

The old theme was a diner. Mine will be something else. Just not sure what, yet.
It's official. I now am a card carrying member SISTER number 1897 for Sisters on the Fly !
The bed / couch is in the down position. Yellow hammocks above are grandkid spots. I'll put it away for awhile.
She has all the original paint for now. She pulls like a dream down the road. Light weight
Look how I drove that tire right up on those boards! I can do this!
I call it Garden Art! I positioned it into this tiny spot all by myself. First try.

Look what came a day early vvvVvvvvVvvvvVvvvvvvv
THEY ARRIVED - 20 little chicks (5 different varieties) I be babysitting for awhile
I have them in my outside baby buggy. Soooo Cute !!


Debbie said...

those babies will probably have feathers by the time I get there!! I remember getting chicks in the spring from the co-op. It was a box full of chirping. See you soon Patsy.

darlynn said...

Oh Patsy, what is not to love about your new camper and soft baby chicks!

Chris Daly said...

I heard a rumor about your Shasta! Congratulations on your new gem. Have fun playing with her ;)