Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Having FUN the last weekend of the year!!

I got the S.E.W. letters at Goodwill this week. The feather pillow and size 6 1/2 shoes are in my lost pile bin. I would love it if they found their way home. The pillow was left downstairs and the shoes were under an iron bed up stairs in the loft???????Anyone?????Cat's mine.

The final group of guests added many great memories for the walls to remember and talk about. There were flying monkeys

and flying chickens

And scrapbooking and quilting being done. I rearranged the log cabin "gathering room" in hopes that more GATHERING would be done.

This weekend more folks sat and enjoyed the roaring fire than I can ever remember in all four years of businessIt could have something to do with the snow coming down outside and the de-stressing before Christmas insided.
Many brought hand projects to break up the steady sewing giving our tight shoulders a break once in awhile.

I finished the first 'Postage Stamp Quilt' top with my previous guests 2" squares donation. This group were donating as I was pressing them down to the fusable. How appropriate to have one completed top, the last and final group for 2008!!
Here was a 'rouching' project that Chris gave a quick demo on. Some of them 'ran' with it and were making flowers like experts in no time.

There was some stained glass window shimmers getting assembled by Chris Daly who sells on Etsy too.

Then there were a few projects getting done as well...


karenfae said...

Patsy can you hand quilt through the fusable that you used on your postage stamp quilt? And also where do you buy the fusable that has the grid already on it?

Chris said...

Merry Christmas Patsy! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and friendship.