Saturday, December 13, 2008

A "Basic" Christmas Blessing....

A "Back to Basics"

Christmas Wish

for you......

May you always have a roof over your head...

...a quilt to keep you warm.

May you always have clothes on your back

to stay warm and cozy.

May your garden be plentiful...

...and enough food to nourish you.

May you have some fabric in your stash
to nourish your creative soul.....

....needle and thread to carry you through to the next project.

And may you all have many friends and family to share it all with!

God Bless ALL of you
this Holiday Season!

Thank you, Marty and 'Polly'
Patsy and 'Juice'
I'm taking a blog break for a bit to get ready for my family's Christmas. Be back when I can......thanks for tuning in!

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Kim said...

Merry Christmas and a wish for a very happy new year to come.