Monday, February 6, 2012

Patsy's Vacation Get Away

So where does Patsy go, should she get a 'free weekend'? Well I signed up for BOW (Becoming Outdoor Women) A sort of winter adventure retreat 200 miles north of Hillpoint WI at Treehaven. It is associated with the Steven's Point University of Wisconsin. Near Tomahawk WI. Our very social hour - Sister Nancy, and daughter Stacy. Fun times in front of the fire.
My Dog Sledding group photo.
Our knowledgeable teachers Adam and Max. Two kinds of sleds.
This is me rounding a corner. Hawwwwww (that means turn left)
Our Ice Fishing team. Wendy and Barb were great.
See my whopper that I finally caught? Loved the pink jig ice fishing pole.
This is our Fish Cleaning class. We got to cook it different ways, different kinds of fish.
Getting down to the nitty gritty.
I got the pleasure of meeting my daughter half way at Treehaven for the fur class and rest of wknd. That was a real birthday gift for me. And my sister came too!
I knew those sewing skills would pay off. My pair of mittens, thumbs up.
Trying on Craig's handiwork. Yes it's skunk.
I got my mittens almost done. Cross Fox ( Silver Fox + Red Fox) from Alaska w/Elk skin palms.
Our wonderful teacher, Craig from South Dakota. Note his muc-lucs - he made. Yes, that is a beer in his hand. Our class ran long, and it cut into 'happy hour' so he went and brought us back all a beer. Craig use to raise sled dogs for the Ididerod in Alaska. He likes sewing better. I like Craig.

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