Friday, December 24, 2010

We need a Little Christmas now

OK Mom, wrap me up........... put me under the tree :D
It's all about the baby.
A tiny Christmas tea set that had to come home with me too.
May we all reflect on our many blessings and give thanks this Christmas Season.
Angels - don't yah just love 'em ? This is a Noma angel from the 40's + 50's
This shepherd has such a personality. Looks like he's posing for me.
I found this (old) set at St. Vincents that is scaled larger than the usual sets.
The wise men and their transportation. One of the wise men had lost his head. He probably couldn't remember where he hid the gifts. But fortunately it was in the box, ready to glue.

Thank you all for following the blog, staying at the retreat, being family or friends. I love you all! Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2011 ! Patsy and Marty

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Debbie said...

Oh my gosh... I thought there was something wrong with Juice!!

Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year.