Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thrifting again in Margaritaville... or Reedsburg

I have been neglecting my passion of junking. Well, not really, just haven't posted about it for awhile. Today was a very good day for it.

A 1970's book, ping pong paddle, clip on red plastic bows for your shoes, ball w/ jacks.

I have run across alot of these tapestry pictures but never a dog sled one.

The two plaster dogs on the outside join the pack.

A bunch of plaster sheep for my shepherds watching their flock by night. And a plastic bunny for 10 cents.

Ok, this ice cream scoop was a bit broken but the mechanics of it is cool.

Another plastic toy sewing machine but the case folds up into it self.

Tiny gift cards vintage.

I'm a sucker for old clothes pins.

One garage sale had all these old books. Along with a framed Mother's Day saying, a bag of old metal bobbins. They just might fit some of my old machines. And the stork looking thing ~ I had to ask what that was. I guess you would tie it to the baby crib and the jaws of the stork would clamp your blanket tight. Do they make these for big people's beds?

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Kelly Kroon said...

So, do you watch American Pickers? You'd love it!