Saturday, March 20, 2010

A miracle today

Today my son, Cody survived a horrendous car crash.
He is back at home, stiff and sore, but miraculously OK.
His car would fit into the back of a pick up truck box.
It was scary seeing that.
Praise be to GOD! and help that crazy woman driving
over 100 miles per hour that crashed into him!
Please pray for a speedy recovery.
thanks, Patsy and Marty


darlynn said...

Dear Patsy and Marty

I am so glad to hear that Cody survived what sounds like a terrible accident. I will pray for a complete and speedy recovery.

Marcia said...

Patsy, Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers... we send our love... Marcia

Reedsburg Area Quilt Guild said...

Oh my gosh! Thank God he is okay. I join you in your prayers on all accounts.

Kelly Kroon said...

Praise God he's ok! It's amazing how stupid some drivers can be.


Darlene B said...

So thankful that your son was not seriously injured. Praying that he has no lasting effects from this crash. Praise be to God!