Monday, February 1, 2010

Product endorsements

Party in My Pants !!
This is something not everyone hears about. We had fun with this a few retreats ago but I just want you all to know about them. Basically - they are menstrual pads. (I have the mini) but they make all kinds and sizes. Even nursing pads for the new mom. Washable !! Talk about going GREEN!! There are two sisters, originally from Madison but moved to Ashland Wisconsin (where my daughter and son live). Well, they have a few home seamstresses working for them. What a great Woman's venture in the business world. I love promoting WOMEN!
Open wings - before you snap them around your pantie. The creators of this product live just a few blocks from my daughter and when we were walking the neighborhood, she told me about them. Well, I found their product at Whole Foods in Madison the other day. Of course I had to buy one, even though 'those days' are past. I'll have them at the retreat for you all to see up close if you like.

Polly sits and longs to go outside - all day long. Let dog in. Let dog out.

These Yaktrax have saved me from falling outside. You have to be careful when temps drop to the single digits and below. They stop you from slipping but when it is REAL cold and all ice - then you just have funny looking ice skates. Even the springs don't bite into the ice. But most of the time, they are an added bit of reassurance of not falling. The rubber frame of them pulls over your sole and then the velcro goes across the top of your shoe/boot. I just keep them attached and they are on whenever I slip them on. Nice! Got these at Menards.

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