Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last group for 2009

The group photo in two shots. I wanted to get in the pics this time since I was a 'guest' too. What a FUN group. I'll let you just keep guessing about the reason behind the location of the group photo. It's a first! You had to be there. :D

If you line up enough rulers........ it just might reach.
Carol and Lisa cooking up a storm in the kitchen for this 'PotLuck' weekend. Everyone brought just wonderfully tasty food. All promising to share recipes. Each group of friends prepares just one meal.

The pile of half squares are a sneak peek of Primitive Gathering's new book they are working on. A very early peek It will be available at the Rosemont Quilt show in 2010.

I was mesmerized by Carol's exquisite workmanship on this wool crazy patch.

Some of the cuty pincushions I seen around the tables.

I (Patsy) make such a mess when I sew. I clip and trim directly to the floor. Always have. I think it is easier to sweep up after than to take the time to hit the wastebasket.


Kelly Kroon said...

Thanks for the wonderful weekend, Patsy! I'm tired, but I've regained some of my sanity.


Chris said...

Thanks Patsy. We has such a great time!

angelsister1951 said...

What a fun group and great food.
Meeting on wed.. I will bring the quarters...always a rest and relaxing time