Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ready for the guys......

O.K. the cabin is de - womanized and ready. The pink quilts are off the beds and the red plaid is "On".

I'm still taking down "Fall" but I did re-do the mantel above the fireplace.
So, is airing of the ORANGE the same as airing of the quilts? I don't think so.
The plaid is ready................................
My Christmas wreath is wearing a temporary sign for two weeks.

Let the games begin. . . . . .
I DID start to decorate a little in my own house.
Now I have decided to repaint the living room during my time off so this will have to come down temporarily. At least I settled on a color. Stay tuned for 'after' pics. (currently the living room is a bright yellow) never did like it.

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